Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cinnabock Sandwich

My mom has SO many appliances-- a belgian waffle maker, a regular waffle maker, that triangle sandwich maker from the late 80s (all of my breakfasts in 9th grade were triangular), a quesadilla maker (though we never made quesadillas before, and haven't since she got it), a tortilla bowl maker, etc., ad nauseum.
So, once I was forced to make waffles, instead of putting away the belgian waffle maker, I decided to do as many things with it as possible, the greatest of which, is this sandwich.

So chicken and waffles is an awesome thing. But mixing up waffle batter is too much trouble, so I wondered what would happen if I made waffles out of cinnamon buns and turned it into a sandwich with smoky, crispy bacon, crispy, juicy fried chicken, and tangy sharp cheddar cheese. 

What happened was that I invented a new addiction. Seriously, holy moley, this sandwich is delicious. And it's really really easy.

Now, when I made this the very first time, it took FOREVER because I insisted on frying the chicken myself. I have since learned to grab some precooked chicken tenders from my favorite place (Wednesdays at Buffalo Wild Wings is 75¢ chicken tender day, so I usually grab some from there). Frozen chicken tenders work too. 

Let's get to these ingredients, because seriously, you are going to want one of these in your mouth ASAP.

Seriously! Just four ingredients:

4 slices of thick sliced bacon (plus an extra one to snack on, because, bacon!)
One 8 count 12.4 oz Pillsbury Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls 
4 precooked chicken tenders
4-8 slices of extra sharp cheddar cheese

You'll also need:

Your condiment of choice
Waffle maker
Rolling pin (or use your hands)
Wax paper
Non-stick spray
A skewer (or something to get the waffles out of the maker)
Baking sheet with sides

Start by preheating the oven to 425 F.

Put your bacon on a foil lined baking sheet, with sides (so you don't bathe your oven or yourself with hot bacon grease) and stick it in the preheated oven for about 13-15 minutes. If you like frying it, go for it. I find baking it easier because I don't have to babysit it.

When the bacon is done, reheat your chicken tenders, if needed.

Meanwhile, do everything else!

For the cinnawaffles, open your can of cinnamon rolls (and have a heart attack as usual). I have specified the Pillsbury ones, because they are more like biscuits than rolls and are just more manageable in the waffle iron. Using a different brand is not going to implode the world, though. Just make sure to stick the spirals together well so your don't have holes in your waffles.

See, they look like biscuits.

Space them out on your wax paper and cover with another piece of wax paper. 
This might also be a good time to plug in your waffle maker and get it preheating.

Now, take an awkward photo of trying to roll out dough while holding a very heavy camera one handed. It is much easier to do when you are not holding a camera though.

This is what your rolled dough should look like. You don't need to get them too thin, just big enough to accommodate your chicken tenders.

Yo, cinnamon rolls, you lookin' fine!

Now, to the waffling!

Spray the top half of your waffle iron with non-stick spray. The bottom is fine. Leave it alone if it doesn't stick. Close the iron and wait until it tells you your waffle is done. I have mine set to medium darkness.

And when you open it up, your waffle will be firmly stuck to the top of your iron. It is the cinnamon glaze stuff that does that. Don't sweat it!

They come out beautiful, if not a little lonely. Don't worry, soon it will have a delicious pal.

And now, my patented skewer removal method.
Stab at the bottom...

And pull it...


See how happy it is cuddling with its tasty friend?

And do that for the other six. Drain your bacon on paper towels and break each piece in half.
And get your cheese ready!

Let's put this sweet little sandwich together.

First, a waffle, then the warm chicken tender, cheese, cheese, cheese, bacon, and another waffle as the crown on top!

Now you have a choice to make. What condiment do you want?  
It varies in my house. My husband has his with ranch dressing, or hot sauce, or thai curry sauce (it comes with our BWW chicken tenders). I have mine with mayonnaise, every time, and my mom, she likes her with a smear of the cream cheese frosting, or honey, or some homemade cranberry sauce. 

The cinnawaffle is not really all that sweet, but the spice really compliments the creamy, sharp cheese, and is willing to let that bacon shine. Of course, remember the whole joy of chicken and waffles is that sweet and savory combo, so don't let the sweeter condiments scare you.

And now, here it is, a Cinnabock Sandwich; it starts off a little sweet, but when you get that tangy kick in the mouth from the cheddar, and that smoke with your crisp juicy chicken, you'll know what has been missing from your life, all this time!

You're ready for your close up, good lookin'!

Get your mouth around this NOW!

So friggin' good!

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